this1 W1S1 [ðıs] determiner, pron plural these [ði:z]
[: Old English; Origin: thes, this]
1.) used to refer to a person, thing, idea etc that has just been mentioned or to something that has just happened
We must make sure this doesn't happen again.
Is there any way of solving these problems?
If young Daly continues to improve at this rate, he'll soon be in the A Team.
This will be discussed in the next chapter.
This boyfriend of yours - how old is he?
2.) used to talk about the present time or a time that is close to the present
There will be another meeting later this week.
This has been the worst year of my life.
I thought he would have been back before this.
We'll be seeing Malcolm this Friday (=on Friday of the present week) .
I'm sorry I was late this morning (=today in the morning) .
Everyone seems to be in a hurry these days (=at the present period) .
I want to see you in my office this minute (=immediately) .
3.) used to talk about the present situation
I hate this cold damp weather.
Things have never been as bad as this before.
4.) spoken used to talk about a thing or person that is near you, the thing you are holding, or the place where you are
These are your gloves, aren't they?
You have to park on this side of the road.
I can't bear the atmosphere in this house much longer.
5.) spoken used to refer to something that you are going to say or that is just about to happen
Now, listen to this.
Wait till you hear this joke.
This is going to surprise you.
6.) spoken used in stories, jokes etc when you mention a person or thing for the first time
I met this really weird guy last night.
Suddenly, there was this tremendous bang.
7.) spoken
a) used to introduce someone to someone else
Sam, this is my sister, Liz.
b) used to give your name when you are speaking on the telephone
'Can I speak to Joan, please?' 'This is Joan speaking.'
8.) spoken this, that and the other also this and that
various different things, subjects etc
'What have you two been gossiping about all evening?' 'Oh this, that, and the other.'
9.) spoken what's (all) this?
used to ask what is happening, what people are saying, what someone's problem is etc
What's this? Crying again?
What's all this about a ghost?
10.) spoken this is it
used to say that something you expected to happen is actually going to happen
This is it, boys, the moment we've been waiting for.
this 2
this2 adv [+ adjective/adverb]
1.) spoken used to say how big, how much etc, when you are showing the size, amount etc with your hands
The table's about this high and this wide.
You need to cut about this much off the end of the pipe.
2.) [usually in questions and negatives] spoken
as good, bad, much etc as in the present situation
I hadn't realised that things had got this bad.
I've never had this much money before.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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